Monday, February 20, 2006

Analogue Adapters

Iptelecoms are pleased to announce the availability of a new 2 port IP analogue adapter and a new 8 port IP analogue adapter supporting SIP connectivity.
In addition, a new SX2 DualPRI card is available, providing a highly cost- effective product for customers who require greater PSTN connectivity.

SX2 Dual PRI Card


Effective immediately, the new SX2 DualPRI card is available for SwyxWare.

Product Details

Key Features of New SX2 DualPRI Card

Up to 4 cards from the SX2 family of products can be installed in one PC. Note: The SX2 DualPRI counts as two cards when installed; it will also show up as two network devices in the windows device administration.
Up to 76 B-Channels per PC are supported.

Configuration Examples

1. One SX2 DualPRI card + two SX2 QuadBRI cards.
2. One SX2 DualPRI card + one SX2 DualPRI card with fractional E1 (8channels per PRI).
3. If two SX2 DualPRI cards are installed with 30 channels per PRI, a maximum of 76 B-Channels will be supported.
Each port can be configured separately to TE/NT mode with a Jumper field.
Line-termination (120 Ohm resp. 75 Ohm) is independently selectable for each port. by DIP switch.

Part Number Description £ List Price

EXSG00060SX2 SX2 DualPRI Card (2xPRI) £699


For full details of pricing, resellers should contact iptelecoms.

Notes On Compatability

The new SX2 DualPRI card uses a new driver (available on the website and included in the SwyxWare V4.40 CD). The board will work with SwyxGate version V4.33 or newer. SX2 DualPRI cards do not support T.30-Fax Transmission, e.g. only SwyxFax V2.00 or newer can run on these cards.