Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Liquid Inkjet Printers

Liquid inkjet printers very small, exact amounts (generally a few picolitres) of ink onto the media. These droplet of ink will carry a small electrical charge. The situation of the ink on the page is then determined by the accuse of a cathode and electrode between which the ink moves towards the paper. Inkjet printing (and the related bubble-jet technology) are the most general -quality inkjet printers are inexpensive to produce.

Almost all recent inkjet printers are color devices; some, known as photo printers, include extra pigments to better reproduce the color range needed for high-quality photographic prints (and are additionally capable of printing on photographic card stock, as opposed to plain office paper).

Inkjet printers consist of nozzles that create very small ink bubbles that turn into tiny droplets of ink. The dots shaped are the size of tiny pixels. Ink-jet printers can be able to print high fineness text and graphics. They are also more or less silent in operation. Inkjet printers have a much lesser initial cost than do laser printers, but have a much higher cost-per-copy, as the ink needs to be regularly replaced.