Monday, May 23, 2011

No Chance of Rain at Chennai now

recent shower

The recent unexpected showers last week provided relief to the residents in the city, bringing down the temperature. A pool of rain water was seen in different areas of the city and heavy shower had brought smiles to Chennai people. The smiles got wider when the weatherman forecast more rain for the city, but now it seems not to be.

Other than seasonal rain, it is very hard to predict summer showers. The factors that conclude rains now are very lively. But now, we cannot anticipate any rain, reports by an official of the Meteorological Department. If so, Chennai may have to lay up with this hot weather till at least June. The westerly winds now raise the temperature on land, whereas the southerly winds bring in moisture from the ocean and also have a cooling effect. Only an unstable atmosphere with high moisture content will lead to formation of thunder clouds which will in turn cause rain. But that doesn't seem to be happening, said Meteorological officials.

The maximum temperature at Meenambakkam is expected to be 39.4 degrees Celsius, while the minimum will be around 27 degrees. The Maximum temperature at Nungambakkam is expected to be 38.6 degrees Celsius and minimum 27.7 degrees. The local forecast: Partly cloudy sky with a maximum temperature of 39 degrees Celsius with the relative humidity of around 80%.


anjali gupta said...

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