Friday, May 04, 2007

Geography of columbia river

Columbia River, Revelstoke, BCColumbia Lake forms the Columbia's headwaters in the Canadian Rockies of southern British Columbia. The river then flows through Windermere Lake and the town of Invermere, then northwest to Golden and into Kinbasket Lake. The river then turns south all the way through Revelstoke Lake and the Arrow Lakes to the BC–Washington border.The river then flows throughout the east-central portion of Washington State. The last 300 miles of the Columbia form the Washington-Oregon border line. The river goes into the Pacific Ocean at Ilwaco, Washington and Astoria, Oregon.For its first 200 miles the Columbia flows northwest; it then bends to the south, crossing from Canada into the United States, where the river meets the Clark Fork. The Clark Fork River begins near Butte, Montana and flows through western Montana before entering Pend Oreille Lake. Water demanding from the lake forms the Pend Oreille River, which flows across the Idaho panhandle to Washington's
northeastern curve where it meets the northern Canadian fork.Columbia River Gorge, Oregon or South SideThe River then runs southsouthwest through the Columbia Plateau, changing to a southeasterly direction near the Columbia Basin, where the magnificent Gorge at George is situated. The Gorge Amphitheater, which looks out over the gorge, is a spectacular 40,000 person concert venue.