Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Religious views of love

Whether religious love can be uttered in related terms to interpersonal love is an issue for philosophical debate. Religious 'love' may be considered a euphemistic term, more intimately describing feelings of esteem or acquiescence. Most religions apply the word love to utter the devotion the admirer has to their deity, who may be a living guru or religious educator. This love can be spoken by prayer, service, superior deeds, and personal sacrifice. Commonly, the followers may consider that the God loves the admirers and all of creation. Few traditions support the development of passionate love in the supporter for the deity. The tension flanked by religious love of the other and self-affirmation is determined in part by contrasting equally love and self-affirmation with their impostors. Additional analysis and references about such contrasts are summarized by Roderick Hindery in relative religious contexts and in the framework of love as corroborating the other.