Thursday, February 12, 2009

Washington Learns

Washington Learns, created and led by Governor Chris Gregoire, conducted a top to bottom, 18-month review of Washington’s entire education system, its structure and funding. The recommendations developed by Washington Learns will fundamentally change educational expectations, delivery and results.

To ensure a broad cross-section of ideas and expertise, Governor Gregoire assembled a diverse group of business, community, education, government and minority leaders from all across Washington to create this roadmap for building a world–class education system that prepares all Washington students to succeed in today’s global economy.

Preparing all students to succeed in today’s global economy

  • Fully integrate our early learning, K–12 and post-secondary education systems so that the transition from one step to the next is seamless.

  • Ensure all children thrive early in life and are prepared to enter school.

  • Ensure all students master the skills they need to participate thoughtfully and productively in their work and their communities.

  • Close the achievement gap that academically sidelines low-income and minority students.

  • Make higher education and workforce training opportunities relevant and affordable so our workforce can compete within a global economy.
Our children hold OUR future in THEIR hands. We must invest in them today to prepare them for the future — and everyone benefits.