Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sheldon Kalnitsky was finding it difficult to manage career and family. Sheldon Kalnitsky was not able to change his lifestyle. One of the most formidable barriers Sheldon was facing was his own psychology. There was lot of negativity in him. Another barrier is the society we live in. We live amongst trends in fashion, food and status. Society and its changing ideals can pose a barrier to successful change only if people allow it to sway them with its criticisms, its traditions and its paradoxes.

Sheldon Kalnitsky should follow three main elements for leading a positive life. First thing is the information acquisition. Information about nutrition, physiology and biology will help him understand how his body works and learn about where he has gone wrong in the past. As your level of awareness broadens so will your excitement to try new, healthful ways to lose weight. The process of a positive change will then become fun rather than laborious. Information acquisition is a great start but it is not always enough.

Sheldon Kalnitsky has to work on support system. The pressure, pain and anxiety in successfully losing a large bulk of weight are even higher when trying to do it alone. Setting goals is one way to ensure success in any weight loss effort. The mistake many dieters make is to set goals that are unrealistic. When a goal cannot be reached it usually affects an individual’s motivation resulting in negative thoughts patterns.


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