Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to handle stress

Sheldon Kalnitsky was leading a stressful life. Sheldon Kalnitsky was not able to spend time with his family and friends. Sheldon Kalnitsky was in a stressful situation because he had to meet deadlines at office. He started spending most of the time at office. Sheldon Kalnitsky started practicing yoga to reduce stress. Yoga helped him to keep his body and mind balanced. Stress can also be reduced by going in for long walks, jogging and swimming. Under stress, Sheldon Kalnitsky started trying out new things like painting, reading, dancing and cooking. Meditation is another relaxing way to keep stress at bay. Sheldon Kalnitsky tried meditating so that he could be more focused in his work. A person who meditates regularly is in a better position to tackle stress and handle stressful situations with ease.