Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tornadoes at U.S

In recent weeks, the southern states of U.S. were affected by floods and tornadoes but the most horrible is not yet over. We came to know about by reports that more storms are direction into the areas of mid-South and Ohio valley area. The storms had previously killed at least ten people and damaged hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property in the southern area.

Tornado warnings are given to the nearby states as the threat of another tornado hitting is still a big possibility. Floods also caused a big problem in the area. Due to rain and heavy snowmelt have caused the water levels to rise in several areas. There are more possibilities to water levels rise and cause dangerous to areas near rivers where the water levels flow into land and the soil gets saturated. There have already been levees breached in the areas in south Missouri. More than 1,000 people have already been shifted to saver areas by authorities for fear of flash floods.

Ten people were died in Arkansas by last week’s storm and floods, and there are lots of injured people left on the wake of the disasters. 10,000 more are enforced to relocate to safer areas because lots of damage caused by the storm. Some of the towns and cities are still in danger of being hit again by tornadoes so many people are still not permitted to go back home. Rescue operations and recovery was just being set up in affected areas. In Tennessee and the surrounding states, several school systems were closed because of heavy destruction caused by storm and trees, other debris were blocking the roadways in many areas. Flood warnings were still in effect along many states that are near rivers and full alert in most of the southern states.