Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The meteorological department forecasting showers in few areas, people didn't expect it to rain on few days in last week. Many were got drenched although they enjoyed the pleasant weather in some parts of the city. The sky was overcast in the morning and towards afternoon it started raining. When April began I was bothered about how hot this summer would be but it is changing out to be pleasant for all.

Let we know about this week...Our feel of summer continues at present. You see with the slight humid feel of the morning air and then again with the tough heat of the afternoon with low-to-mid 80s. We might be observing a few more clouds around at present, but the chance for a rain has been 30%.

Let’s know about tomorrow.. We continue in the same air mass, but temperatures may slightly higher along with higher humidity. 30% chance of late afternoon thunderstorms. Winds will continue from the south and southwest.