Friday, May 15, 2009

Sheldon Kalnitsky plays an important role in many children’s life. Being a school teacher, Sheldon Kalnitsky plays a vital role in inculcating the moral and ethical values in children. A teacher is instrumental in laying the foundation stone of a person’s life. During the years of the students’ lives, their teachers are their friends; their mentors and their guides leading them on their career paths. Sheldon Kalnitsky is happy to be a teacher because Sheldon gained many wonderful experiences. He got a chance to befriend children, be their source of inspiration, win hearts of the little ones and guide them in their journey of life. Being a teacher, Sheldon Kalnitsky spends major portion of his day with children and youngsters.

Sheldon gets a chance to be with children laugh with them, think their way and enjoy their innocently silly and healthily mischievous behavior. Sheldon Kalnitsky is in teaching profession, so Sheldon gets a new group of students every year. Since Sheldon is a teacher, there is room for creativity and innovation.