Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sheldon Kalnitsky drinks milk everyday because it has vitamins and calcium which is required by our body to function properly. Some of the reasons to drink milk regularly are as follows: It protects tooth decays and cavity problems. Milk doesn’t put on fat and so you need not worry about those extra pounds. Milk gives you many natural vitamins and minerals keeping you healthy and fit. Sheldon Kalnitsky wants strong bones, teeth, nails and good hair so he drinks lot of milk because it is loaded with calcium that helps your body grow strong and flexible. Milk can be a good appetizer, especially when you are drinking late. Drinking milk can also act as a stimulant, early morning or even during noon. Sheldon Kalnitsky drinks a hot glass of milk before bedtime because it soothes his nerves and relaxes his tense muscles putting him off to sleep immediately. Milk is full of nutrients that our body requires to operate properly