Sunday, May 03, 2009

Myth on chocolate

Myth on chocolate Sheldon kalnitsky - Sheldon kalnitsky, Sheldon says Chocolate is liked by everyone be it children, youngsters, adults or old aged. People have a myth that since chocolate tastes so good, it must be bad for your health. You may be surprised with the news that chocolate actually has some health benefits. According to a survey done by Sheldon kalnitsky, chocolate contains more than 300 chemicals. Sheldon Kalnitsky has found out various benefits of chocolates. Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine, a mild mood elevator. Cacao, an ingredient in chocolate contains antibacterial agents that fight tooth decay. Smell of chocolate may increase theta brain waves, resulting in relaxation. Men who eat chocolate live a year longer than those who don’t. Chocolate increases antioxidant levels in the blood.

Sheldon Kalnitsky
says that people have certain myths about the effects of chocolate on the human body. Some of the myths are chocolate is addictive, contains stearic acid. Chocolate contains caffeine and bromine, but in such small quantities that they don’t cause nervous excitability.